Annoyed at the Radio

One of my very guilty pleasures is listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning every day, instead of NPR like my husband would prefer (apparently showbiz gossip is not as serious as political gossip, though I think the propaganda elements in each are probably about equal). But I like it – it’s funny, it’s light, and since I’m not a morning person by any stretch, it helps. So there.

Since the show originates in Dallas, is family-friendly and aimed at Middle America, usually the bias of the show is fairly traditional – though I’m sometimes pleasantly surprised by some questions and ideas that go against mainstream thinking.  But I know for the most part that I’m not going to find my extremely liberal, intellectual leanings reflected by this show (or by NPR, for that matter).

Still, when one of the show hosts had a baby and chose not to breastfeed, I was horrified by the attitudes expressed by her and the other people on the show. Yes, I know the La Leche League has a reputation for being breast-nazis, and I’ve heard of instances where their ‘encouragement’ has turned into downright brutal lambasting of new, shaky moms trying and failing to nurse. But I could not believe that the proven benefits of nursing over bottle-feeding were completely ignored, and that mothers who breastfeed were treated to verbal derision as being wierdo hippies.

My rationalization for listening to this show has often been that it keeps me informed about what the ‘general public’ is thinking –  is this anti-breastfeeding bias an accurate mirror to the rest of our culture?

It’s not that I’m judging anyone who doesn’t – it’s that I’m shocked by the casual treatment of the issue, as if nursing is on par with getting a face-lift, completely elective, and rare.

I’m probably just feeling jealous, because I’m still trying to wean my almost-two year old, and I’m getting really tired of being Mama Milk Jug.


2 Responses to Annoyed at the Radio

  1. Sean Tubbs says:

    Husband here. I want to point out that I like the show, but it’s not a good show to listen to while waking up because it makes you want to sit and listen. They never give out the time, and it is not something to get me moving in the morning.

  2. Emily says:

    And, of course, it’s no longer on the radio here that I can find…

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