Help Your Career – Post to this Blog

Okay, maybe not this one, but according to an article I just read, branding yourself online is the way to go with finding a job, which includes the following:

  • Review books at and that are relevant to your area of expertise.
  • Submit articles to article banks and web portals that relate to your functional area/passion.
  • Claim your profile or start one at, and They are free.
  • Post comments to blogs that are relevant to how you want to me know.
  • Of course, for most people, having a blog is the ideal way.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a lot of BORING work – sometimes I just want to read something without having to comment or review it, you know? Just the reading part takes a lot of time.

Still, notice what I’m doing right now…


One Response to Help Your Career – Post to this Blog

  1. Mrbeth says:

    Is this about finding a WRITING job? Or any job? Perhaps I should not be writing so unabashedly!!! And cussing!!! I might get fired.

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