Our Sidewalks

I just saw a Book of Joe post asking ‘how walkable is your neighborhood?’ – apparently there’s a website where you can get this calculated – and I was reminded of my earlier fury.

Dominion VA Power inserted new power line poles up and down our dead-end street and then disappeared, leaving masses of hard, rocky, dirt around each pole that are so large they cover the entire sidewalk. This means that if you’re pushing a stroller, riding a wheelchair, or just walking, you can’t walk on the sidewalk. You have to go off into the road or try to brave the little hill – which my daughter did last night, consequently falling down.

I’ve complained with the city, and sent an email to the power company, but I’m totally incensed that this situation ever happened in the first place. I mean, not only is it bad for us walking on the street – but don’t they want to cover their own butts and avoid being sued when someone falls or gets hit when having to step into the road? Grrrr.


One Response to Our Sidewalks

  1. Sean Tubbs says:

    We were lucky she didn’t lose a tooth when she face planted. I wish I had caught her before she tried to climb that one hill. Thankfully, she didn’t get hurt.

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