Pregnant in the Office

Yesterday I found out one of the women in my office is also pregnant and due five days before me. This is great, except that:a) She is super skinny, and this is her first, so while I already look like a balloon, her “bump” is barely visible

b) She has super great clothes, and will now have super great maternity clothes, and I will not be able to get away with looking crappy without being in stark contrast to her.

These are perhaps superficial contrasts, but come on, everyone’s going to see the two of us and make judgments, and I’m going to feel ridiculously fat, old, and ugly next to her. Boo hoo. Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself.

3) Working and being pregnant and a mother is – surprise! – A LOT of work. All I want to do is sleep, eat, puke, and cry.

I am looking forward to Mom’s Night Out, March 2008! Yay!


3 Responses to Pregnant in the Office

  1. John says:

    Hehe. This post has far too much estrogen for me, but I enjoyed it. Our comparing minds. Go on, have a good cry. : )

  2. Marijean says:

    Let’s go maternity clothes shopping! Just for YOU of course. You can even eat/cry/puke while we’re shopping, if you want. I don’t care.

  3. Amanda says:

    I felt that pressure too…there are a lot of cute maternity things out there…in the end I was wearing sweats to work and not looking so great. It is a lot of money to spend for fairly short period. Did see Target the other day seemed to have a few cute things…maybe you could get a few basics to feel good in?

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