Evolutionary Leftovers

I was just skimming the article “What Evolution Left Behind on Humans,” all about the appendix and the tailbone and other features that we once used but now don’t, and found these interesting notes that working women might find useful:

  • Male Nipples
    • Lactiferous ducts (the lobes of the mammary gland at the tip of the nipple) form well before the the testosterone is released that causes a fetus to be a male. Also, men have mammary tissue that can be stimulated to produce milk.

Hold on… men can NURSE? First of all, I want to know if they ever did – no mention of how these were ever useful in this article. But heck, who cares if they did in the past or not – let’s get them going now! Let’s get men bonding with the babies and sharing some of the responsibility and pleasure of that intimacy – why not? Can you imagine how that would revolutionize our entire society? I’ve read about African tribes where the men let the babies dry-suckle on what my husband has gotten our daughter to call their “man-boobs,” but I didn’t know they could be PRODUCTIVE. Let’s get this going!!!!

Body Hair

    • Most of your body hair serves no function (though some think otherwise). Eyebrows keep sweat from going into your eyes, and male facial hair may play a role in sexual selection. Armpit and pubic hair help deal with moisture but beyond that it does us no good. Your arm and leg hair are just the remains of a once fully covered body of hair.

    If you’ve ever felt guilty for not just being natural and letting your leg hair grow (me), then this piece of info can assuage that guilt! It’s not necessary! It’s an heirloom! Get that laser surgery done – take it all off!


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