A Woman President

Yeah, I’m getting swayed.

I haven’t been a Hillary fan – as a senator, she’s pandered, she’s supported the war, etc.

But I’m at the point where anyone but a Republican – and the idea of a female president – well, it’s getting to me. Is it a superficial reason to want to vote? Maybe. Does it still matter to me? Is the office of the president as much symbolic in its power as it is a source of real power? Yes.

I actually teared up a little listening to her interviewed by John Grisham at the Paramount last night: Take a listen. (Courtesy of the Charlottesville Podcasting Network.) What do you think?

For a humorous look at the possibility of a female president, watch one of my favorite comedians (any gender) from The Daily Show, Samantha B., cover the issue in her own special way…


One Response to A Woman President

  1. Jennifer says:

    At the very least, she’s certainly better than anything the Republicans could come up with, but I worry that having her as the candidate will doom the Democrats again. And, she has good experience under her belt.

    Obama, on the other hand, while he has promise, is too young and too untried.

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