Environment Blogging Day

blogactionday.jpgI’m writing this post to express solidarity with Blog Action Day.

First off, Yay, Al Gore for the Nobel prize.

Second, I’m trying to figure out a way to be hopeful for my children, despite the fact that global warming is heating up and humanity is going to hell in a melting handbasket.

Third, despite my commitment to being as sustainable as possible, I still get pissed off when people protesting the Meadowcreek Parkway arrogantly and ignorantly submit the alternative that everyone should walk or bike. FROM FLUVANNA COUNTY, doodleheads? Most working families can’t afford your overpriced digs near the downtown mall, dufus, so they live in one of the surrounding counties and work in town, which means they have to get to and from work, a commute that takes maybe half an hour or more, and on top of that they have to take their kids to childcare or school, and guess what? You just can’t do that by walking, on a bike, or even using a bus. Sorry. It’s not that easy. If it were that easy we’d be doing it already! We don’t hate the environment. We can’t afford to love it. [Major grumbling noises.] And extra roads would keep us moving instead of sitting in traffic, which, last I heard, was better for the environment anyway. ARGHHH.

I am admittedly a super-liberal – but I can’t stand rich liberals who see nothing but their own organically sandal-clad toes wiggling in front of their snobby noses. So there.


One Response to Environment Blogging Day

  1. I know, I just love it when it’s suggested that I not drive my fuel-efficient car and start walking and biking everywhere. As it happens, I do walk a lot, but I’m not about to walk to Target or Whole Foods. Even better, I have a couple of designated no-drive days each week and bundle my errands into just a few days.

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