Best Toy Store in Town

Since I never hear anyone mention it, I feel compelled to send out props to Uncle Larry’s Toy Shop, located in Ivy Square near Foods of All Nations (which should more accurately be called “Overpriced Foods of Some Nations”).


1) Hours: Open till 7 p.m. weeknights – so working parents can go there after work!!! yay! I took Jo there Friday night after picking her up from daycare and we had plenty of time to mull and peruse.

2) Customer Service: My daughter was treated like a queen. After graciously helping me get her hands washed, the woman (Owner, I think) set up things for Jo to play with, encouraged her to explore . Then offered a free sticker and free Halloween ring on our way out.

3) Fun merchandise:  Along with the wooden toys typical of local toy stores, Uncle Larry’s offers a wonderful range of other engaging things – books, jewelry, cars, trucks, animals, costumes – fun things for adults, too. Compared with the one on the downtown mall, I felt like the prices were better than the selection more interesting and various.

4) My anti-populist temperment: I know Shenanigans is the most popular one in town – or it seems so – and so of course, I am happy to find one less-recognized to be my favorite. Yes, I have issues (hee).


4 Responses to Best Toy Store in Town

  1. Wistar says:

    I still haven’t been to Uncle Larry’s, but I recently spotted a new organic-looking toy store up 29 near the Airport. I haven’t had a chance to go in, but it looked intriguing (i.e. the toys looked wooden). It was in the same shopping center (I believe) as the new Christian’s Pizza.

  2. Chelsea George says:

    I don’t go to Uncle Larry’s either now, but I have been a few times. I just felt it was too crowded with excess stuff, and that made it hard to enjoy the shopping experience. PLus I had some weird encounters there where the owner–I think it was the owner, too–started gossiping and back biting about other places in town, and that made me so uncomfortable I never wanted to try it again.

    My vote for the best toy shop in town is Finn & Thatcher, out in Ivy. That place has such a great selection of quality things for kids and the owner has such a great eye because the place is so beautiful to be in. For a shopping experience, its like, enjoyable to shop there without all the junk that toymakers throw on kids—its like she edited out all the nonsense, all the plastics and cheap breakable, made in China junk that no one wants to trip all over in a nice house anymore.

    Its also great because they’ve got the best baby gifts and clothes in town, plus tons of art for kids, so its not like its just toys. The drive is beautiful out to there, and only a couple of miles from town yet all countryside, and the parking is great–easy in and easy out. I love that shop and its first on my list whenever I need a gift, even though I actually live in the Greenbrier area and Alakazam or Shenanigans would be closer. If you haven’t been there yet you’ve got to go, the service is so nice and the selction is really different, not like anyplace else in town.

  3. Tina Canardo says:

    Hi my name is Tina and i just want to say that Uncle Larry’s Toy Shop is by far the best toy store in Charlottesville that i have been to. I love the quality of toys they have and they always have something different in store for me and my children to see. The store is also very unique i have never been to a toy store where there was a dog so friendly, they have a hedgehog so its very educating and i dont know if its the owners children but everytime i come in there they play with my kids while i can enjoy looking around. A very big help for me also is that they always ask if i need anything wrapped and i they are always a big help to load things into my car when i need to get my kids into the car and they always offer my kids a sticker which they always look forward to. I do get wonderful help there and i always find what im looking for.
    I do have to say that i have been into finn & thatcher before and it was very hot, very stuffy and i felt like i was being watched like a hawk i had no help and i had to leave the store with nothing and on top of that my children were bored and there was nowhere for them to play. I just want to say if you want to go to a store with good quality toys and that you’ll have fun shopping in then you will definetley love Uncle Larrys Toy shop!

  4. Tim says:

    Kudos to Uncle Larry’s Toy’s. Love the selection of toy’s
    However, I do agree with Chelsea when she said the store was over-crowded with excessive stuff. Also, a bit pricey.

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