Hoos Brews vs. Cville Coffee

Speaking from a working mother’s perspective, of course.

Cville Coffee – has a giant turtle.

Hoos Brews – does not have a giant turtle, but an outdoor seating area where, presumably, one might find a turtle. Or an ant, more likely.

Cville Coffee – good coffees and baked goods, expensive

Hoos Brews – good coffees and baked goods, MUCH less expensive – brownie for 50 cents? Are you kidding me? Awesome!

Cville Coffee – doesn’t take credit / debit cards, only cash or checks = pain in the butt if you haven’t been to an atm, if you have run out of cash, if you have switched to cards instead of cash or checks

Hoos Brews – takes credit/debit cards but not checks = awesome – hello 21st century!

Cville Coffee – wireless

Hoose Brews – wireless

Cville Coffee – children’s play area, which is not roped off so the kids go running through the rest of the place, while, oddly, the adult section IS gated – and yes, the adults stay put

Hoos Brews – children’s size and priced ice cream – $1.00 for a cup – yum good and just enough!

Cville Coffee – not a bad location – near 250 and Circa and downtown mall
Hoos Brews – also not a bad location – near 64 (and my house!)

Cville Coffee – offers lunch, dinner, beer

Hoos Brews – soup, bagels – but great ice cream

Cville Coffee – crowded parking

Hoos Brews – still unknown!

Cville Coffee – books, nice decor

Hoos Brews – ugly UVA colors

I like both places. I’m getting a little sick of how run down and chaotic the children’s area tends to be – I have found much more calm, quality time with my daughter at Hoos Brews recently. I also like the prices better. But nothing beats the big turtle.


2 Responses to Hoos Brews vs. Cville Coffee

  1. Maximus says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  2. Sean Tubbs says:

    Shut up, Maximus!

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