There’s Still A Drought; I’m Old; So I Ate Ice Cream

Happy Monday! Here’s some links/thoughts from me, in between my boughts of crying at everything:

1) There’s still a drought. All that rain, but the levels are still too low – so keep it mellow yellow, people. It’s a great excuse for me for why my child hasn’t had a bath in almost a week – I’m saving the planet! Not avoiding her temper tantrums, no…

2) I listened to the Obama speech on CPN and realized I am an Old Person. He is very idealistic and energetic and, while I agree that Africa should be rid of its diseases and Darfur needs to be at peace and college should be affordable, I’m sorry, Barak, but you’re not going to do it all. It’s very sweet of you to say you will. But I’m too embittered about politicians to give credence to your ambition…

aplaying.jpg3)  My mom saw a picture of me jumping up and down on a bed with my daughter and accused me of being a playmate and not a mom for my daughter.

I got really, really angry and defensive, but I wrote her back instead of just complaining to friends. I see this as growth.

By the way, I love playing with my daughter. What else am I going to do? Yell at her? Ignore her? Arggghhh.

4) We watched some Sesame Street songs on youtube last night during dinner (dad was recording Obama). Brings back memories. I highly recommend this as a way to limit TV and advertising for your child – plus you get to select what you watch! Alice Cooper singing with the muppets was too scary, though – for me, I mean…

5) I finished up the evening by eating an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s New York Fudge ice cream. The entire thing. So there to all the blogs and books and doctors who think I should be eating a few peanuts and raisins to supplement this giant basketball that’s taking over my body.

6) Alert: Myth debunked!: Turns out that when advisers say “Don’t sleep on your back, pregnant women, because you’ll lose your blood supply and kill the baby” THEY’RE WRONG. At least, they are according to my ob doctor today. He said LABORING on your back is hurtful, but not sleeping while pregnant. THANK THE GODDESS! Because that’s how I end up sleeping every night, whether I like it or not. Yay! I think I’m going to stop reading everything but more Ian Mckewan novels till the birth…

So, there you have it – and again, Happy Monday!

Wait a second- I just realized – it’s not Monday, it’s Tuesday!!! Oh my gosh, I am truly losing my mind!


3 Responses to There’s Still A Drought; I’m Old; So I Ate Ice Cream

  1. Colin Steele says:

    Ice cream doesn’t have to be bad for you. Have a look at We’re local, too!

  2. Amanda says:

    I thought sleeping on one side or other will provide better circulation….I don’t know – I even switched my comfy pillow on my couch (where I watched all my TV and ate ice cream) when was preg so would be on the CORRECT side:) Pregnancy such a worrisome time- I worried about everything under the sun and J had 4 mo checkup yesterday and picture of health!!!

    You and J look like having fun in pic- I think that is great. I think you can have fun w/ kids and still teach the what’s important.

  3. emory says:

    I had the same reaction to Sen. Obama. Standing in a sea of humanity as he’d build to a crescendo of promises, shouting, listing things faster and faster until my hearing aids couldn’t keep up. From presidential politics all the way down to City Council, you look at what they promise up front and what they deliver. Enough hot air to launch a 1000 balloons.

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