Procreation Recreation

So, this woman is exactly the kind of person I feel like I should be but am not – the non-breeder who thinks having children is a selfish, wasteful act that contributes to the death of the planet.

Seriously – for the longest time, I browsed foster care/adoption websites, thinking I’d help a kid in need instead of adding to the overpopulation of the world. Same idea as not buying from a puppy mill, you know.

Then I got pregnant – and now I’m pregnant again – and I am so darn happy having a child, so happy to give my child a sibling (which I never had) – I’m like a princess lolling in piles of gold and cash, guiltlessly indulgent in her wealth and happiness…

But I am not a princess. I am a human being, part of a larger community, both living and dead/unborn, whether I like it or not.

A friend of mine has two children – AND is becoming a foster parent.

She seems to have found a middle way.

I am just not sure what logical foundation there is for procreation – except that we are biological beings… not always trumped by logic?

(Yeah, I know, all I do is blog about the things I read on Babble. But oh well. )


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