A Big Lots Christmas?

The Roanoke Times is holding a Christmas song contest, and one of the contenders is “A Big Lots Christmas.” Check it out!

I am such a mishmash when it comes to my consumer choices. On the one hand, I  buy at Big Lots, I relish a Dollar Tree, I frequent the thrift stores, I’m a Freecycle nut, and my favorite thing in the world – no joke – is a garbage bag of hand me down clothes.

On the other hand, I do have some expensive tastes, and, more importantly, I’ve realized that

a) there are some things that need to be quality items – or else the cheapness really does make the purchase a waste – including: q tips (knockoffs fall apart), fingernail polish (the good stuff glides on for an easier application), shoes (cheap ones hurt my feet and back)…

b) buying “green” means paying more, but when it comes to choosing nontoxic drink containers, our health is worth it – and the better lightbulbs save money as well as energy. It’s moving away from plastic that is daunting…

So, here’s today’s inventory –

I’m wearing a paid of $98 Keen shoes, (made from recycled materials),

a shirt from a friend,

a pair of pants from the Salvation Army,

earrings from Target,

hairclips and socks from Big Lots,

drinking from a steel container from Rebecca’s,

eating a vegetarian organic pie (Amy’s brand) from Kroger,

wearing a secondhand coat from a friend,

nail polish and mascara from CVS,

and face powder by Burt’s Bees from Whole Foods.

I recently purchased a Sigg bottle from the Blue Ridge Eco Shop,

a pizza from Dominos,

gas from the BP,

hardware from Lowe’s,

and received a bunch of tupperware from Freecycle.

So – a mix of local shops and chains, of eco-friendly and earth-awful, of expensive and cheap.

-I’d love to see if any of you have an equally mixed inventory!

– and, What are some other items that should be the expensive, high-quality kind? 


4 Responses to A Big Lots Christmas?

  1. Jennifer says:

    I didnt even know about BR Eco Shop- that is a good tip. Given our current poverty, I am learning how not to buy too expensive all the time. I am a lazy shopper- so i prefer what is in front of me rather than sifting or finding something cheaper, therefore I have had to adjust my thinking a lot. I love Christmas because I like to find the perfect gift and get it for my family or friends- usually ‘expensive’ gift. This year I will have to do slightly more work not to spend so much money. Luckily I have convinced Chris on the value of compact flourescent bulbs, now if I could only convince him of the $80 rain barrel- is there anyplace to get them cheaper? (I have offered that the cost benefits Rivanna Conservation Society so he is leaning that way). Great question as usual.

  2. Jennifer says:

    oh I forgot my inventory
    lunch from Christians
    pants- Belk
    hair things and bandaid (and makeup if I had any on) CVS
    gas- Kroger
    dinner- venison from Chris’ hunting trip
    socks- Talbots (Christmas gift two years ago)
    I am drinking water out a plastic bottle I am reusing
    shoes- Danskin from that store in Barracks Rd.
    Moisturizer – Origins
    Hair products- Aveda (I have asked for these products for Christmas since I cant afford to get them anymore). 🙂
    I could use some tips on how to feed company for a week around Christmas cheaply. (Company = three additional grown-ups, two children).

  3. Emily says:

    Definitely a mixture here:
    breakfast: Lean Pocket & granola bar (Harris Teeter-brought home in canvas or paper bag)
    drink: water from plastic, reusable bottle
    shirt: Eddie Bauer from a million years ago
    pants: jeans from Target
    shoes: clogs from Plow & Hearth (pricey, but worth it for shoes)
    face powder & mascara: Target
    hair: Pantene, air dried
    gas: BP
    car: VW, still getting close to 30 mpg
    bag: leather backpack from Sea Dream (gift from ex 10 years ago- don’t like the ex, but love the bag 🙂
    nail polish: OPI from Harris Teeter

    I haven’t tried the BRES or Freecycle yet – I need to check them out!

  4. Amanda says:

    hairband, target
    herbal essences shampoo, target
    socks: target (supposedly peppermint aroma therapy ones, but darn that peppermint scent didnt last)
    black sweats:walmart
    t-shirt-motherhood (yeah, no longer preg but it matches the flannel for my lovely ensemble:)
    flannel- sears/grandfather- 1940?
    makeup? I have a bad cold w/ sick child who cried during night, am lucky to have made it into work and showered:)
    lunch: target spagetti sauces and harris teeter ravioli w artichokes and olives. yummy.

    guess my stuff all low end…and target-centric. but was thinking on splurging on a humidifier…or vaporizer…gosh the choices are tough..!cool or warm. gracious.

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