A Green Year

One thing I can say confidently about 2007, in summary: The “green” issue got taken to a new level of consciousness in our media, from Gore winning the Nobel prize to cities banning plastic bags to celebs declaring policies on one square of toilet paper per pee – a lot of it has been hype, and some may roll their eyes at the trendiness of something that should be more serious, but truly, my Sense of the World is much more attuned to green issues than it ever was 2006 and prior.

In fact, I’m really starting to feel the heat (ha) about our situation – like, we really really need to take it as seriously as we can. Reading this beautiful if sad article today about the emotional affects of losing our landscape really made the situation seem concrete and crucial –  people in Australia experiencing a new kind of sadness the author calls solastalgia, caused by the fact that:

In a world that’s quickly heating up and drying up, you can’t go home again — even if you never leave.

We are burning down the house, but there isn’t another one to go to. And don’t tell me we can live in a tin can in outer space – watching Star Trek gives me the claustrophobic creeps – there’s no outside, there’s no natural air. Yuck.

As a working mother, it is often extremely hard to make choices that fit my busy lifestyle AND conform to safe (for us and the earth) guidelines – tupperware, for instance, is a lifesaver if you’re on the run, but with the big scares about plastic toxins for our bodies and for the earth, I’m now feeling guilty about it – so I wouldn’t mind getting together with some others to not just talk but actually figure out cost-effective, time-saving ways to change our products and behaviors to make them more green. It’s too hard to do it all by yourself…

Any ideas for this welcome! 

FYI, check out my new favorite green blog, Green Daily, – not holier than thou, pretty practical and entertaining.


2 Responses to A Green Year

  1. E says:

    Funny you should mention the Tupperware…we asked for (& got) pyrex storage containers for Christmas to replace the majority of our plastic containers. We’ll still use some of them, especially the little ones for snacks in the car, etc…but we are trying to eliminate toxins when we can, too. One of the easiest things we’ve found to change is our cleaning habits – we just don’t do it!!! heehee – just kidding (sort of) – but we pretty much use organic cleaners now. Either vinegar & water or Method or Shaklee (let me know if you want more info about this – my partner is a distributor). I still act like a typical consumer, though, and I have guilt over it. But I now have a bird sanctuary in my front yard, so it’s ok, right? ;}

  2. Maiaoming says:

    Pyrex – good idea… and yes on the cleaning – hydrogen peroxide is ab fab – and cheap – wow, a bird sanctuary!!! that is so awesome!

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