Cat Back-Up, Anyone?

It’ s been agreed that we can adopt a cat to address the mouse (and possibly, the snake) situation in our home on the condition that we secure someone as back up if it doesn’t work out.

Any takers?

I mean, obviously if we get the cat home and it mauls our dog and child when we were told it would be fine, it will go straight back to the SPCA. But the concern is that we don’t know what we’re getting into with New Baby showing up soon, so… if any of you have an open-cat policy and wouldn’t mind being a godparent to the new cat – I’d be so grateful.

Our other options for the mice – spraying cat urine around the new baby’s room, emptying humane traps – seem much more intrusive and onerous to me than a cat. But they’re all we’ve got…


One Response to Cat Back-Up, Anyone?

  1. E says:

    Have you called Holistic Pest Solutions? I understand they treat very carefully with children & pets in mind…might be an easier option than introducing a new animal (along with a litter box) and a new baby so close together…

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