Eco-Friendly Childcare Center: Start One With Me?

How neato-burrito is this? A new childcare facility in Atlanta is opening as one of the first in the country

 to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standards for environmentally sustainable construction. Forgoing the formal LEED certification, FIO360’s Eco Early Care and Learning Boutique will actually surpass the Council’s standards, providing an entirely eco-friendly operation with organic/locally-grown food, natural/organic personal care products and earth-friendly cleaners throughout the facility.

Many of my mother-pals and I have had our moments of daydreaming up how we could start and run a childcare place here in Cville, which is notoriously expensive and hard to navigate when it comes to finding appropriate care (especially for babies). Reading about this new place excites my imagination once again… Heck, I’d love to start a whole new school system, if I had the wherewithall to do so…


3 Responses to Eco-Friendly Childcare Center: Start One With Me?

  1. Sean Tubbs says:

    Would you serve neato-burritos there?

  2. Amanda says:

    Probably could do well if focused on infants. So hard to find a slot. And it’s so trendy to be green right now, that could be a good angle…

  3. Aleks says:

    This is something I would love to do myself. Finding childcare for my son was the hardest this I had to do in my life and I always wanted to open something that would be up to “my standards.”

    Here is another thought, while we are sharing, why aren’t there more places, ecco or not, which are toddler friendly in our town? Talk about a few, very few options to take your kid to on the weekends or on a rainy day!!!

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