The Eternal Cougher – Help!

Ok – I just CANNOT take it anymore. I sit next to a room with about 6 people in it. For awhile there were 2 that would talk incessantly about sports, electronics – anything but work. Then one got arrested and the other got moved. So it was quiet again. Then one of the remaining started with major allergy issues. I’ve got sympathy for this, but the non-stop clearing of the throat & sneezes that sounded like he was about to vomit just got to be a bit much. So then he left & got a job somewhere else. It was quiet – some minor talking issues, but my iPod helped tune that out. Now, the peace is over. There’s another one who clears his throat more than is really necessary for survival. And recently The Eternal Cougher has moved in there. I don’t know how to deal with it – sounds like he has the plague, if you ask me. And I’m not convinced he covers his mouth, as we were all taught to do when we were wee tots, right? What should I do? My only ideas at this point are to start pelting him with Halls, make him pay me $1 for every cough (might need some muscle to enforce this), spray Lysol into the room everytime he coughs, or drop down into a temper tantrum any 3 year-old would be proud of. Any other suggestions?


2 Responses to The Eternal Cougher – Help!

  1. Maiaoming says:

    I feel ashamed. I had a cold a month ago that caused me to blow my nose all the livelong day, and I’m sure my cube-mates wanted to cut my nose off and hurl it down the elevator shaft.

    Maybe the solution is that we should all get to work from home when we want to, and then we can meet up at a coffee shop if we have to…

  2. bvillemama says:

    I do wish we were able to work at home more when we’re sick. I don’t mean to come across as unsympathetic – I do feel bad for people that are sick. I just had the plague a couple weeks ago & am sure that I disrupted coworkers, too. But this guy is different…it’s more like a tic than an illness, which should probably warrant more sympathy, but maybe I just don’t like him for other reasons & am picking on this one attribute. Maybe I need to do some soul-searching about it. 😉

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