DMV and my 80 year-old father

So, I had lunch with my dad today to celebrate his 80th birthday. I couldn’t make it to the dinner, but felt I should acknowledge the milestone. I was pretty relaxed about the whole thing, until I heard the story about his recent trip to DMV. Bear in mind, while he’s telling me this story, he’s driving me around in his SUV that is somewhat necessary for him since he’s really too tall for most vehicles. So he recently had to renew his license & the only test he had to take was an eye “exam”. Really? I’m sorry, but when you pass the 3/4 of a century mark, you should have to prove that you can still drive safely. I understand that they don’t need to take the written test again. Fine. But AT LEAST make them drive someone around the block for goodness’ sake! But I digress. So he proceeds to tell me that he is asked to put his face in that little machine & read the top line. Well, because his glasses are SO THICK, he doesn’t fit in there properly. So he took them off, closed one eye & faked his way through it. When the woman noticed what she did, rather than saying ok – I’ll let him slide….she was so *impressed* that she decided to REMOVE the restriction from his license. So now my 80 year-old father is not only still allowed to drive his SUV around the world, he doesn’t even have to wear his glasses (trifocals) anymore to do it. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?! I’m so worn out by this. Not just because it is disturbing, but because he then proceeded to almost get in a couple fender-benders. Needless to say, I drove home after lunch.


4 Responses to DMV and my 80 year-old father

  1. hymes says:

    Virginia law allows anonymous reporting of unsafe/impaired drivers to the DMV. Not making a suggestion, just sharing information…..

  2. Maiaoming says:

    I am laughing so hard at this post…

    Hymes: Isn’t the idea of anonymous reporting scary, though? Anyone could report anyone else – they have to do SOME objective testing, I would think?

    My mother is only 60, but the fact that she STOPS the car when she talks – and she talks a lot – is scary enough for me to want to report her…

  3. hymes says:

    I have not taken advantage of this law myself, but I think there is some objective testing required if someone is reported, possibly a driving test and not just the eye test. Not that I know anyone over 80 who is driving or who stops the car when she talks……no, I don’t……:)

  4. bvillemama says:

    Of course – I should add that there are plenty of people I know MUCH younger than my dad who, in my opinion, should also be subject to an annual driving test…not me, of course, just other people. 😉

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