Working Girl Goes Marxist About Mamahood

Being at home on maternity leave, I’ve come to reconsider the title of this blog.

“Working” moms?

Which moms AREN’T working?

Of course, “working outside the home moms” would have been too long… but good lord, you don’t really get it until you’re in it, until you’re doing it, to know that watching your children – your own, which means you don’t get a paycheck for it – is tough work.

So, what about the title of this blog? Certainly, working mothers are not the only people who read/comment… there are fathers – working dads – as well as “stay at home moms” in this conversation…

My initial intent was to give voice and space to those who have official jobs…

Now, really, all I can think about is “Working Girl,” which is one of my favorite movies, but also how that term means “prostitute,” which is indicative of our culture’s latent feelings about women working or work in general – that it is selling yourself, an act that used to be considered degrading, though in our advertising-heavy world is pretty much what we’re all encouraged/often induced to do… Sell yourself!  Market yourself! Put yourself out there!

View yourself as a commodity…

Lord, it’s late, and I’m getting all Marxist on myself… maybe opting to make motherhood your only job is a way of sticking it to the man, ultimately, because you aren’t part of the system, you’re not expecting to be paid for your services… or maybe it’s the ultimate slavery…

Seriously, though – what do you do when you want to rename a blog but you can’t?


2 Responses to Working Girl Goes Marxist About Mamahood

  1. ChrEliz says:

    My suggestions: Eclectic Mamas
    Cville Hybrid Moms (hybrid mom is a new term for moms who blend WAH, SAH, WOH, running own business, and unsure)
    That’s all i can think of of now, kids are calling…

  2. Amanda says:

    mmm, Amy, I still work “officially” part-time, but think all moms are working – whether have the official job or not…I think blog title is perfect. i feel too much is made of the differences, SAH, whatever…its all about what you chose or need to do work-wise.

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