Maternity Leave Crock

Turns out the way my company figures out maternity leave, they “gave” it to me (gee, thanks – you mean you didn’t want me to deliver in my cubicle?) by taking away all my future earned vacation time, which means that returning to work I would have only FIVE days for the rest of the year to cover illness. With two kids.

Not to mention that if I wanted to take FMLA I would go unpaid and still owe them for my medical insurance during that time.

What a crock of crap.

My neighbor across the street told me she had to return to work three weeks after having her daughter, and I’ve heard of worse.

Do employers not realize that treating people like this sucks?

What am I doing about it? Nothing. I subscribe to Moms Rising, an activist organization for these kinds of issues, but I never read it. I get angry about these kinds of things, but then I get bored with the actual issue. Isn’t that awful? I am just not the activist type of person.

I guess when faced with Issues, people fall into categories:

1) activist leaders

2) activist followers

3) journalists/reporters

4) quiet supporters who read/watch the events from afar on comfy couch

5) people who roll their eyes

6) people who look away and go back to reading/playing nintendo

7) people who are #4 but wish they were # 1 or 2 but really don’t want to be just wish they were cuz they think they’d be better people if they were.

I am SO #7.


2 Responses to Maternity Leave Crock

  1. Ed Ho says:

    It may be the beginning of a process that leads you to something else, eventually. Maybe a re-evaluation of all your strengths. Do they suggest the job you’re in? And Prayer. And be carefull who yoou share business ideas with, as you’re experimenting. People almost always begin with “Sliced Bread? That’s a stupid idea. I’m content to always just push my face into a loaf, as I’ve always done.”

  2. CrozetMama says:

    The problem is, when you’re at your peak of dissatisfaction with working mom-unfriendly policies, you’re also least equipped to fight them. As in, you haven’t slept through the night in two months, your clothes don’t fit, you have an infant dangling from your breast 20 hrs a day. And by the time your life calms down just a little bit, it’s just not even worth the fight, because by then you’re on to something new, like trying to make your child’s school better, or trying to put new energy into the career you ignored while birthing babies. Yeah, I’d like to be an activist about this, too, but will I? Probably not. I’m just too busy trying to keep my own life afloat to get involved in saving the world right now. 😦

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