Daily Progress website

I love how the other morning I was trying to read about the shootings on the freeway and a giant ad kept blocking the ENTIRE STORY with no visible cue as to how to remove it.


I like the cleaner look of the new design, but I still feel like I can’t find up to the minute information very easily at all.

Meanwhile, what did working parents do with schools so abruptly closed???


2 Responses to Daily Progress website

  1. eWreckers says:

    Pop up ads? I hate them too!

  2. ChrEliz says:

    The lucky ones brought their kid(s) in to the office for part of the day and worked from home part of the day. Some other lucky ones telecommuted or switched schedules with someone or swapped a day of work for a weekend day and planned to make up the work, and thanked their lucky stars that their employer is so flexible (aka reasonable and smart). Most people, however, had to use a sick/personal day and watch their week at the beach this summer become less of a sure thing, particularly if anyone else in the household gets sick enough to have to stay home… There’s something seriously wrong with our system. Sigh.

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