JPA Extended Bridge “Crosswalk”

I was driving from JPA Extended toward Fontaine/Jefferson Park Avenue over the little bridge right before the Wayside chicken place – something I do all the time, as I live in the area – and a woman with two toddlers glared at me from the side of the road because I didn’t stop to let her and her kids cross.

I was thinking how dangerous it was for her to be crossing the bridge with two walking children – it’s very pedestrian unfriendly right there, with no real sidewalk on the other side and zooming drivers…

Only after my husband said that a new crosswalk had been put there did I know why she was giving me the evil eye.

You can’t see the crosswalk, as a driver. And being new, it’s not something you’re going to try and see.  And it’s at such an odd place.

Obviously, someone thought this would be a helpful addition for those walking on this road.

I think it’s a set up for disaster.


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