To my children as I lay dying…

To my children,


Why do people always wait until someone is dying to say “I love you”? Why do you wait until the last breath is hovering in the room to wish you had more time? What is it about Death’s presence that brings out your understanding of what you regret not doing? And yet…the lessons learned are but fleeting bits of knowledge in your consciousness. For tomorrow you will still put off reaching out to someone that you will apologize to only after they are gone.


Understand this, my children: you need not fall victim to this vicious cycle. Learn the lesson and act upon all you know you will wish you had – today. I beg you. For if you do not, I will surely die. As it is, the light is dimming and the air is thick in my lungs. I am weaker than you understand. I try to tell you every day just how close I am to giving up, and I am losing the will to fight. If my children will not fight to protect me, what reason do I have to continue? So I ask again – please fight for me. Please help me regain my will to survive. For without you I will perish…and I fear you do not realize what will happen then. You, too, will disappear.




Your Mother Earth


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