Shopping Safe: Great Website for Busy Parents (and friends)

Too busy and tired to hunt down bath toys, pacifiers, milk storage containers, dinner ware, teethers, bottles, nipples, and everything else your child will chew that is phalate and BPA free?

Try The Soft Landing, a site I just heard about and had to pass along. Yeah, I know, it’s not shopping local, but shopping local right now, with high gas prices and this heavy heat, can be grueling on your energy costs… as in, I’m trying not to drive too far in any direction so that I conserve gas and avoid the sweating in the car)… I also like the samplers offered – like the “Go BPA Free Teether Sampler” – what a good idea and great gift~!

And I hear that, due to a local mom wanting to prevent BPA plastics from being Freecycled to the unsuspecting, local favorite Nature’s Child will possibly be offering a dumping bin for these evil critters…

In other ‘green’ news, I have, in my new house, started composting (trial #2). Here’s a colorful guide.


2 Responses to Shopping Safe: Great Website for Busy Parents (and friends)

  1. Amanda says:

    Nice post. You know I HAVE been obsessing over this issue (among SO many others:) lately. I’ve actually been thinking about getting one of those bento boxes for weeks. …and do have a big box of BAD plastic not sure how to get rid of. Will ask Kristin….I recycled (McIntire) got Horse and Buggy Produce today…cleaned w/ reusable cloths….feeling pretty spiffy about these things. If only I’d had a rain barrel last night:)

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh, and another comment. Kind of funny. Was telling coworker about J eating her (wooden) highchair, among many other things. He was like you gotta get that kid a teether. ….me: “um, I threw them all out…” Poor, poor Julie. She’s resorted to chewing on ladybugs and wooden highchairs. …and foam erasers. Not sure which is worse.

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