A Perfect Work Day

I had the Perfect Work Day.

A babysitter came and watched the kids upstairs while I worked in my office downstairs. I took breaks to nurse and snack. It was only four hours. I got a lot done. I was doing stuff I like to do. The kids were happy. I was happy. We had a lovely rest of the day together.

Is this a vision of how it could be, at least sometimes?



3 Responses to A Perfect Work Day

  1. Elizabeth says:

    AWESOME DAY. Can totally relate. Doesn’t it make you feel great? Like you CAN do all of this? The feeling may not last forever, but it’s great to be in that groove. Sounds so corny/cheezy- but I am happy for you!

  2. Mary Beth says:

    Oh, I know that feeling! That feeling of: wow, I can do this! How can it be so difficult to gratify this very simple suite of needs- to be near your kids, to have a rest, to be able to EAT? Shifts are needed in economy, social support systems (where extended family used to be), re-introductions to the importance, yet simplicity, of keeping mom content, peaceful, joyful, rested. Must read “the Mother Trip” by Ariel Gore!

  3. Mike says:

    There you go! A Perfect Workday IS possible…the key is to focus on realistic goals (that that means actually having some goals, which a lot of folks do not), focusing your energy on those goals (and not letting all that piddly and annoying stuff get in the way), and rewarding yourself when you reach the goals (too many people just slog on to the next challenge)…

    Having a Perfect Workday is wonderfully positive and possible….congratulations!

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