Burning Man…Avec Toddler

I love that this parent took his kid to the Burning Man festival – nice to know there are models of parenthood that involve adventure and art and wildness, not just “Mom jeans” and playgroups.

I do want to complain that, much as part of me would love to go to this festival, I don’t get why it has to be a burning “man” – and since I failed in my attempts to become a hippie, I have a feeling I really wouldn’t fit in.

I also really like clean toilets.


One Response to Burning Man…Avec Toddler

  1. ChrEliz says:

    You could also use this author’s reasons http://www.jwz.org/gruntle/burningman.html to shun Burning Man… and sound really cool and hip doing it. Of course, having gone three times adds credibility to what that author is saying.

    Seriously, though, I’d love to go. I knew a guy ten years ago who went, and I’ve always wanted to ever since. Never have. Probably never will. Sounds phenomenal though, to me. Warts and all.

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