Obama to a Two Year Old

Obama in the ParkSaturday, we scarfed some free food at the little hut of Obama followers signing up volunteers.

I was a bit surprised by the overwhelming majority of older white folk…

Still, we got free stickers, cookies, and watermelon, and to my toddler, that was great.

But trying to explain what was going on was hard.

It kind of went like this:

I show her the word on the sticker. “Obama.”

Yes, he’s a man who wants to be president. Of our country.
Our country?
Yes, the country we live in.
We live in?

Later, she points at the sticker again: What is it?
Yes. He will maybe be president. He will try.
Yes, in charge. We will all vote – choose – who gets to be in charge of our country.

Later, again pointing to the sticker: Obana? He maybe pee in potty?

I can see the headlines now…Of course, her big thing right now is trying to pee in the potty. It’s the greatest achievement she can imagine.


One Response to Obama to a Two Year Old

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Even though you told me about this, I still laughed out loud. =)

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