Save Water & Money

Spreadsheet Queen shared with me how she inexpensively cut her water bill by 40%:
At Blue Ridge Eco Store, I bought:
–3 sink aerators (1.95 ish ea.)
–3 toilet poppers  (9.95ish ea.)
–2 low flow shower heads (9ish ea)
–note: already have front loading washer
Great ideas, yes?
I would also add that having a bucket to collect water while waiting for the shower to heat up and using a rain barrel together would be helpful… I just don’t have a place to store all the water I would use… ideas?

7 Responses to Save Water & Money

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Shower bucket — can use for watering garden or flushing toilet.

    Personally, I cannot abide a low-flow shower head. I’d rather just take a shorter shower.

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  3. Tracy says:

    I’m interested in finding out more about exactly how you are saving this money…what each new gadget does. Possibly for a story for a local media outlet. Thank you.

  4. Amanda says:

    maybe put a handy watering can in shower so can go straight to the flowers w/ the water….if only I had one of those. guess that is why my flowers aren’t doing well.

  5. Amanda says:


    Saw your comment above.

    I have a new townhouse and so my old appliances weren’t unusual waterhogs- but new watersaving items described allow less water to go down the drain per minute. But honestly, I don’t feel the difference w/ less water coming out of faucet. Shower is still quite pleasant.

    Specifics on items got to save water:
    Low flow shower head: 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute)
    sink aerators: 1.5 GPM
    toilet popper- less water leaves tank per flush but somehow pressure of flush is maintained (think that is how Blue Ridge EcoStore explained to me.)

    They have a really helpful saleswoman at the store- I’d suggest checking it out. All the items I got were on the same shelf.

    Also you can save a lot w/ HE front loading washing machine – but I didn’t count this into water saving since already had this before started trying to save water and compare previous months to months w/ watersaving appliances installed.

    With July’s increase in water rates in Albemarle, am really glad I got these easy money-savers.

  6. Eco Girl says:

    Thanks for the promotion Amanda! I actually use your story quite frequently in the shop.

    It is true, simply switching to inexpensive shower and faucet aerators, not only do you save water, but you save a lot of $$. The Blue Ridge Eco Shop has different levels of aerators, so if you’re like Elizabeth and hesitant to switch over to a low flow shower head, you can find one that saves water (and money) but feels the same as your current shower head. Why not save money, if you’re not feeling a difference? Amanda had told me in the shop that she change the shower head and her husband didn’t even notice! So there are ranges of options to save more or less and still save over what you currently have.

    Going Green really can save you money. There are lots of inexpensive options to save money and the planet at the same time.

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