Identity Crisis: To Be or Not To Be (a mom)

As you may know, I abandoned this blog (sorry again, oh faithful fans!) when I decided to stay at home with my kids for a little while. While I definitely didn’t stop “working,” in the true sense of the word, I certainly wasn’t in the Workforce – so I felt that blogging in this particular arena clashed with the reality of my life.

Well, I’m back working again, but now a new crisis about identity – my online, virtual identity, that is – has emerged about blogging here.

Am I completely comfortable with this label? “Cville” “Working” “Mom”? Is that the sum total of everything I want to write about?

Certainly not; if we look back at my posts analyzing the gender tensions in Mary Poppins, or review some of my personal stories – I have never restrained myself within the confines of pure ‘working mom’ topics for very long…

So, what’s different now, you ask? Well – it’s a feeling, I’ll say, of being burdened by a definition. And: There’s a ton of “mommy blogs” out there now, especially working mom blogs. I’m not sure I really feel up to being part of the fray.

So, if the title conflicts with the content, you might say, Just start a new blog.

Problem is – this one has a history, a readership. And if the name has felt overly constrictive at times – well, that same constriction has also provided shape and purpose.

What do you think? Should I get back on the Cville Working Moms wagon and drive her wherever she goes – or start fresh, with something more open-ended?


One Response to Identity Crisis: To Be or Not To Be (a mom)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Here’s a question for you: If you were to start over- begin new- what would you call it? What *would* define how you are feeling now? Are you able to? Do you have something in mind? I guess that would help me vote for keeping this or starting a new blog. (It’s not just about the name. I’m wondering if you see a direction yet.)

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