Reaching Those Not Online?

I was chatting with friend and local business owner of Sugar Snap Consignment today, Vijay, about how g’s great to do all this online marketing and social media outreach, but there’s a whole demographic of people who don’t necessarily spend a lot of time online… and how do you reach them?

I know when we were first starting Cville Working Moms, I felt this sense that I was reaching out to folks on PNOC and other online groups, but that there’s plenty of working mothers in our community who may not have a computer or internet access at home, and maybe not a lot of opportunity to check email or sign up for a group, but who still need support.

But I didn’t know then and I’m not sure I know now how to break out of my cultural category – coffee houses, Facebook – so I welcome ideas… ?


One Response to Reaching Those Not Online?

  1. Bradi says:

    Join forces with some not for profits that target the same audience. Ask to be included in their “swag bags.” Give out your literature at off-line events to create greater awareness. Good luck!

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