Chief Reality Officer

So, I was Googling myself this morning – another thing to do while job-hunting, so you can see what prospective employers are learning about you – and something to do that feels like you’re working but isn’t really. You know, for those sluggish moments.

Well, Self-Googling (if not a term, it should be) always has struck me as a kind of surreal exercise – like peering into all of the alternate universes that could have been your life.

For instance, there’s the Amy Marshall Dance Company. I actually did spend most of my childhood dancing – so it’s always funny to think that that maybe could have really been me.

I try not to let the success of all the other Amy Marshalls out there get me down.

Today I saw a new Amy Marshall, and this just delights and flabbergasts me: her job title? Chief Reality Officer.


Taking a look at her bio, she’s a hot-shot marketing exec, but I’m wondering if I can steal and reinvent the position.

As Chief Reality Officer, I could really shake things up, on all sorts of levels!

  • I could tell politicians to Get Real about healthcare.
  • I could sanction magazines for publishing very un-real versions of real stars on their covers.
  • I could encourage policy makers to embrace the reality of climate change.
  • I could ticket superficial snots for their facades and lack of true decency.
  • And I could embark on a global campaign to get everyone dipping more into real reality with their relationships and communities instead of being so latched to virtual reality of the computer and television screens.

As Chief Reality Officer, I could really – really! – make a difference!

And that’s an alternate universe I’d love to see coming up on Google someday…

Anyone hiring?


4 Responses to Chief Reality Officer

  1. Craig says:

    You should totally steal her title! I can see it now:
    Amy Marshall, Reality Consultant.
    A reality based approach for business and industry …

    I had no idea you were still posting on this blog! Your articles are really good, too. I’ll have to finish reading them.

    I wasn’t being entirely facetious about the reality consulting thing, either. (Hmmmm … ) After all people do need to consult with reality sometimes. And some people need help with that …

    I’ll get back with you.

  2. Erika says:

    Amy – I really do admire your outlook!! Keep the faith!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I always thought it was called a vanity google.

    And I totally think you should go the reality route! Just tweak the title. I would take out “officer.” I like Craig’s suggestion of “Reality Consultant” but I think it needs to sound slightly more… official? leader- like? How about Chief Reality Director? =) Lead the way to reality, Amy!

  4. Amy. First article of yours I’ve read. Very commical. Any luck with the job yet?

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