Hey Sisters

Hey Working Moms out there, I was struck by something the other day. Saw a sign for some auto body shop, “Simpson Bros.”

I was thinking how much I hate the abbreviation “bros.” (it just seems ugly) and I wondered, all of a sudden, what’s the abbreviation for “sisters”?

Then I realized: Ain’t no such thing as a business put together and maintained by sisters.

Which then made me lapse into some nostalgia for the 1990s, and the show Sisters, and for Designing Women, and Murphy Brown, and Northern Exposure, and Ellen, and Roseanne, and other liberal TV shows that made such an impression on me as a teenager.

But back to the business idea: Let’s get some matriarchy going, folks. Some businesses called “Such and such Sisters, Co.” I know it’s a little retro – most new hipster businesses these days seem to be about first-names – to be on a first-name basis, I guess – but how cool would it be, to have a sister-run establishment – or even a “Marshall & Daughters”??

70 cents to the dollar people.

No fat lady is singing yet.


One Response to Hey Sisters

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Nice idea, Soul Sister!

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