Places to Get Water Bottles in Cville, etc.

So, I opened up the top of my son’s non-BPA Oggi water bottle – I think I got it from Marshall’s last year for $5.99 – and the mold was sickening. Gross. Those kid-friendly sippy-parts just ask for it, don’t they?

I didn’t think I’d have to do it, but I was in the market, yet again, for a metal water bottle for my kids.

  • Criteria:
  • Something short
  • Something easy to open
  • Something easy to drink from without spillage
  • Something easy to clean
  • Something cheap

What I Found:

  • Roses: For kids, only plastic – and even BPA-free, I’m against it when I can help it. Adult water bottles, though, are on sale now for either $2.00 or three for $10.00.
  • CVS: I bought two of their kid metal bottles for $4.99 each. Portable, easy to clean with plastic-straw on the top, easy to open – but they leak.
  • Target: Mostly the same prices as what you’ll find online for both Sigg and Oggi – though I did score a Hello Kitty one for my girl for about $5.00 – though the top is one you have to pull up on and she finds this too hard to manipulate, which is a pain in the butt
  • Big Lots: No kid-sizes available right now
  • Marshalls: No kid sizes
  • TJ Max: When I went, there was only one of the Oggi-style – a good price, but at that point my need was low and the cost – $3.99 -tempting but not a sale. They did have a new brand of short “safe” water bottles with twist-off tops that might work for older kids that were maybe $2 or 3 bucks and plain silver

I didn’t go to the Blue Ridge Eco Shop, Rebecca’s, or Whole Foods, because I knew the prices would be around $15.00 if the kid sippy style was available.

Online, I didn’t find anything as cheap as the Oggi-style from TJ Max, so I hated to buy anything that way, though some very cute designs are out there from some of the less-well-known brands….

If anyone has a line on inexpensive, easy kid water bottles – let me know!


One Response to Places to Get Water Bottles in Cville, etc.

  1. Jules says:

    I’ve seen kid-sized metal bottles at World Market, no idea on price.

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