Working Remotely: Bah humbug, Starbucks

June 19, 2009

Have Laptop – Will Travel: That was my mode yesterday, made possible by my current freelance status.

Landed at a Starbucks in Alexandria, assuming I would grab some coffee and access the web, begin work – because you know, here in Charlottesville, most coffee places have wireless – free wireless, mind you –

Silly me. Starbucks not only required me to purchase my online time – but when I moved closer to Old Town Alexandria, which, as a town, has free wireless throughout, the Starbucks there STILL required a person to pay – a propriety situation, of course – if I were an AT&T customer, I would have been fine –

Running around the streets of Alexandria trying to find a signal with my laptop, I felt as anachronistic as if I’d been striking up fires and blowing smoke signals – there was something too ridiculous and insulting about paying for something inside that was free outside –

It was pretty annoying. And strange. Those futuristic commercials showing slovenly, hip teens lounging on park benches watching music videos on their iPhones make connecting to the web look so effortless – in reality, the competing networks you come across, access restrictions, crossed signals – well, some of the frustration can push a person to long for a good match, some twigs, and a blanket…


I am in love with this family.

January 15, 2008

I have a total crush on “The Family Hack,” the purported local blogger family whose site’s purpose is to help you ‘get the most out of your time, money and mobility.” And they do have posts on shopping deals and toys for kids and how to travel with kids and the like.

a) I didn’t know you could have time, money, or mobility while being a parent – really? it’s possible? are they miracle workers?
b) Take a look at their bios – they are beautiful, witty, irreverent – they look like they’re having fun –  and constantly illuminated in a soft, golden haze of fearless goodwill

Oh, I want to be them. I want them. I want to emulate and gravitate and prostrate myself before them. They are so cool.

I am so unworthy.